Hi, I’m Rodrigo Polo and I love technology, it is a love that started since the first time I had a computer in my hands when I was just 14 years old, since then, I have the joy of working around technology for my whole life, from coding to GUI design, from a Flash animated site to major video productions, from encoding a video from the terminal to creating streaming services online. I also had the pleasure to have shared my experience and what I have learned with many people, from barcamps to colleges that invite leading figures to share their experiences in their area.

Coder: I’m a full stack web developer and an ninja coder since 1994, I have experience with:

  • PHP, MySQL
  • MongoDB, Node.js
  • JavaScript, ECMAScript, old ActionScript
  • zsh, bash, MS PowerShell, etc.
  • Obviously HTML and CSS
  • Adobe and Microsoft suites
  • Troubleshooting and surviving Windows, mac OS and Linux distros

I have experience developing all kind of web apps and services, interconnecting and analyzing huge amounts of data streams on social media via their APIs.

Coder profiles:

Video and Photography: I have worked on post-productions since I started coding, many sites required some video intro done using either After Effects or Flash, I was one of the first in my country to offer Flash animated websites with a low bandwidth footprint and dynamic content, the old good Flash days using PHP generated XMLs to exchange data from the server to the client. Many clients wanted to share video online, thus, a solution for video encoding on server had to be made from scratch, and FFmpeg was the solution. I have huge experience on video encoding and streaming, experience I have shared on every space I find online. Since I decided to create a YouTube channel, I entered the world of DSLRS and Mirrorless cameras, which has become a passion, from crop factor calculations to video production, from RAW to LOG, from and idea wrote on a script to the delivery online.

Community journalist and commentator: Because of my experience in technology, I have been repeatedly invited to some local news outlets to share my perspective on many subjects, this led me to share opinions and facts about the situation in my country and to be part of community journalism, I shared my perspectives in a YouTube channel with more than 22k subscribers, I use to have a Twitter account with more than 16k followers before Twitter started to censor anyone who disagrees with their narratives, to address this censorship on April 4, 2019, I created a fanpage in Facebook which currently has more than 10k followers, my personal Facebook profile currently has more than 24k followers, I have also created a blog in Spanish to address everyday news having an average of 15k page views per month.