BT.2020 instead of Cinema Gamut? A fix for the EOS R5

As I shown on a previous article, the EOS R5 and R6 are unable to output C-Log 3 with Cinema Gamut through HDMI, even after setting Cinema Gamut as color space on the camera, HDMI will always output Rec/BT.2020. This presents a challenge when using custom LUTs while using the Atomos Ninja V, for instance, Joel Famularo Phantom LUTs which are designed for C-Log 2 and 3 with Cinema Gamut, or in Adobe Premiere that lacks the possibility of doing Color Space Transformations like DaVinci Resolve, but there is a solution.

One solution is to use DaVinci Resolve Color Space Transformation in the first node, converting from Rec/BT.2020 to Cinema Gamut, and then, on the second node, applying the desired LUT, it works flawlessly, you can compare a clip recorded internally with Cinema Gamut and externally with Rec/BT.2020 and they look the same, even after applying Canon’s own technical LUTs (Canon lookup table Version 201911).

After that, I exported the LUT for use in Adobe Premiere, and decided to create this article to share the LUTs with you:

Even though I knew this produced a great result, I was a little bit hesitant if the result was technical accurate, so I got in touch with Ben Turley, author of the LUTCalc, and share this issue, in response, he provided me with an intermediate LUT produced with his LUTCalc that does exactly the same as the Resolve CSTs, converting C-Log 3 in Rec/BT.2020 to C-Log 3 in Cinema Gamut, here it is:

And then, using this intermediate LUT, I was able to transform the Phantom LUTs to Rec/BT.709 and Rec.2020, finally I can use them in the Atomos Ninja V.

Hope this helps anyone out there who is frustrated with these Canon made limitations.

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