Hi, my name is Rodrigo Polo and I’m a technology and multimedia solver.

I began to program at 14 years old (1994) using FoxPro and achieved a billing, inventory, accounting software that works just great for many years, since then I have a full relationship with software and technology, 100% self-taught I have done many projects from a wide range of clients, most of them on the advertisement and marketing segment.

I love rich media content and I had done a lot of work on this area, I love the free (libre) software movement where you can give back to the world of technology, I develop the “Stream Video Player” as a solution for many WordPress users who want to give the “YouTube Experience” to their users, today this piece of code has been translated into more than 15 languages and have more than 169,000 downloads:


I developed a URL shortener which I give it away as free-software, also provided as a free service, the “Open URL Shortener” which is as a service on http://rod.gs was made from scratch on PHP and MySQL, it has Twitter integration QR-Code automatic generation and stats, the front end made from scratch was made using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery using the best practices for low bandwidth consumption, techniques like CSS Sprites are used to achieve a “Grade A” on benchmarking tool YSlow.

On October 2012 I released http://twitterguate.com, a site which reveals the reality of the most popular Twitter accounts in Guatemala, this site is done by a unique combination of technologies, experience and knowledge assembled with an amazing precision, Node.js, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, jQuery, HTML5 and CSS3 are the few technologies used and the knowledge required to manage and understand the huge data implied in the study vary from geolocalization, store procedures, non-sql transactions, the Twitter API to Alpha Blending for the charts and the understanding of the meaning on the numbers, which are the numbers that matter.

On the web area I have the pleasure to work and develop websites for brands and clients like Cabcorp, Pepsi, Telgua, BBDO, Ogilvy, Agexpront, 2night.com and many others, this gives me a wide range perspective on the technology required for each client.

Love to share knowledge without reservations; I have been a speaker at f5ideas.com 2008, 2009 and have been the community manager for the Adobe User Group Guatemala, with the aim to encourage learning web technologies for developers I developed EsPractico.com on 2008, I love to share on many blogs and communities that are committed to the free-software movement as it is github.


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