Why YouTube is removing the dislike count?

Yesterday, one of my favorite creators published a video about why he believes YouTube is removing the dislike count and probably, the dislike button, and after watching the video, I shared my point of view about the possible reasons given in the video, so here is the video and my comment:


Ok dude, let’s get real, so first of all, I’m from Guatemala, an “oppressed brown guy” as progressives try to call us, I’m not a white supremacists, I’m not a bot, I’m a real person, and I used to love YouTube, until they censored me, so let’s analyze the reasons you shared about “YouTube’s decision”.

  1. “Negative campaigns”: Is YouTube saying that they can’t detect and stop campaigns in their platform? One of the top companies in technology that do research in robotics and AI can’t detect an organized group of people and/or bots?
  2. “Other platforms doesn’t have a dislike button”: So what? Netflix used to have a dislike button, until one of the worst comedians in the world complained that the dislikes in her special were sexist, instead of facing reality, the special was really bad, so Netflix pleased the progressive agenda by removing the dislikes, now we have to find reviews instead of just seeing the like/dislike ratio.
  3. “Because of the mental health of creators”: Are you kidding me? If someone has a mental health issues, do NOT get closer to the internet, do NOT post videos on YouTube, go an seek professional help, that is the solution.
  4. “It doesn’t provide constructive criticism”: If you as a creator want constructive criticism, you go to the people who know about creating, NOT with the audience, imagine for a second asking movie critics NOT to be harsh when a movie just suck, the audience will always be harsh, that is why the concept of throwing rotten tomatoes exists.
  5. “YouTube is trying to please creators”: That is plain and simple BS, if YouTube wants to please creators, stop censoring them, stop removing videos, stop telling us what we can or can’t say, that is draconian.
  6. “How this helps Google to sell ads”: Dude, Google primary business model isn’t selling adds, but selling information and manipulating public opinion, the removal of the dislike button reflects that, Google was founded with money from the US government and intelligence agencies, they know each of your movements through your Android device, it knows all your contacts and what you say to them through Gmail, it knows each site you visit through Google AdSense, it knows each video you watch, each tutorial, and of course, each and every thing you do in your Chrome browser, there are tons of topics that doesn’t appear in Google but appear in DuckDuckGo and other search engines, videos of topics forbidden in YouTube are available in Rumble and BitChute, and if you are a target of Google, all bad things about you will appear as first results in every search, their business is manipulating public opinion, that is where the money is.

Now, the real reason of the removal of the dislike button is because the White House channel gets tons of dislikes, and every video with a progressive topic that the platform want to shovel down our throats gets tons of dislikes, imagine for a second the Trump administration requesting the removal of the dislike because of criticisms. This is part of the progressive agenda, fascism disguised as tolerance and caring about the oppressed, while oppressing dissident voices, the deal is manufacturing consent trough a single opinion that cannot be challenged.

Some history, and the reasons

YouTube used to be counter culture, one place where common people outside the mainstream narrative became relevan for sharing whatever they liked to do and say whatever they wanted to say. For the most part, the best content was truly from quite unknown fellows that for their content and no other reason, got relevant. But then, as the mainstream media was becoming irrelevant and the “power to the people” was rising, YouTube decided that it wasn’t good for them and “the advertisers”, and please, do NOT forget, most of those “advertisers” and even YouTube parent company, Google/Alphabet is own by the same mayor stock holders, Blackrock Inc., The Vanguard Group, Inc. and State Street Corporation. I recommend you watch the documentary “MONOPOLY – Who owns the world?“.

Then, when CNN was almost dying, when Fox News was irrelevant, YouTube introduced the idea of “authoritative news sources” and developed tools “to help its users” identify health videos from “authoritative sources”, and now the common joe had to compete with well founded mainstream media.

Luckily for us, there was at least the option to rate videos that were shovel down our throats, from the last YouTube rewind videos to the White House videos, from really bad movies like Ghostbusters (2016) to Dr. Fauci contradicting once again his “science”, at least, people had a said on those videos and topics, but that is dangerous for the establishment, and that is why YouTube is removing the count, because its main purpose isn’t selling adds but to manipulate peoples perception of reality and community.

The removal of dislikes

On April of this year YouTube was in the hot water for removing more than 2.5 million dislikes from Biden’s White House, this was news all over the internet:

And as Dave Chappelle said, “Trans people have been known to make up words to win arguments”, but it is NOT the “trans people”, it is the mainstream progressive agenda that create new words and meanings in order to distort reality, because when YouTube got red handed removing dislikes, they used the typical doublespeak strategy, YouTube told Politifact that they didn’t remove dislikes but “spam dislikes”, see, nothing wrong doing that hahahaha, it is spam according to them when , how convenient.

Why they didn’t delete spam dislikes from PewDiePie video asking for dislikes?

And now, with the same doublespeak strategy, they the mainstream narrative isn’t that YouTube is protecting the White House and friends, now they claim that “YouTube to remove all public dislike counts, aiming to defang harassment mobs“, see, if you dislike any content that is shovel down your throat you are not longer a user and/or creator, you are part of the “harassment mob” hahaha.

On April of this year, political commentator Tim Pool published a video titled “New Website Tracking Youtube REMOVING Dislikes From Biden Videos In INSANE Social Media Manipulation“, in the video he shared a site called 81m.org that tracks the dislike removal of the White House videos, and let me tell you, is a jewel of a site:


In conclusion

YouTube isn’t in the business of advertising but in the business of manufacturing consent trough the manipulation of anyones content, the reason behind the removal of the dislike count and button is another way to manipulate peoples perception of reality, to keep us divided disagreeing in what we like and don’t like, when we all know that we don’t like how things are going, so I’ll close with one last statement: LET’S GO BRANDON!

YouTube’s announcement of the removal of the dislike count with thousands of dislikes

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